Part1: Brand new world of pseudo bridges, Fall one after the other in deep abyss. The candle of peace burns itself to the utmost. Devils of this world in angels disguise. They divide the humanity; they build unseen blocks. They stretch their Hands though the Darkness, Trying to suffocate the lambs of the world. Mortal… Continue reading Degradation



E He believes For the sake of existence, he exists. Coming from nowhere To the vacuum existence, With no sense, no logic No wisdom behind; To exist…                       He develops in nothingness of existence Without meaning, no God.  Bareness of the epistemology, No metaphysics intrinsically needed. From infancy to manhood, He grows up in life.                    … Continue reading Existentialist


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Deed Let yield to the dictate of TimeThat all entities breathe then die. That nothing in its state stands stillWith time all submits to God's will. From fair to unfair all mundaneYet deed will follow, will remain. A Rose's relish for an hour throneWhilst its true scent will carve in stone. S.C.P.B