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Anxiety Disorder Dreamy pens with time in raceReady to fly and embrass the skyLike eagles flying facing the sunWith straight intrembling wings. I stay here, holding my empty penMy white brain, my weighting fears,My white trembling wings.Looking around without a pain,Nothing inside but the load.Seeing my Rose fainted closeTo her Despair grows. I stand to… Continue reading #poetry #poems #write #anxiety #exams #Anxiety disorder #psychology

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I'm tired of being tiredDo i have to turn the pages?It's morose it's exhausting,Or do i have to burn it?Life is hard to balm stroke;Rage wind blows all seasons.Its spinning wheels stopAt my door forlorn forsaken.At night, she laments lorn howlsBursts them on my front:Sky cries, greens faintLeaves fall, roses die(Lights were away fading.Let them… Continue reading #poetry #poem # write # philosophy # dark poetry


They left It was raining My heart's vessels drying In me nothing rests; But the scars felt They are here with me Days and nights be. Poetry tastes bitter Volte face it gets. I've known ever since: Life is death; Death is life And hope and faith. Socalledpoetry of Biba@2019


From her breastLife breathesLike flowering riversLike sacred love cellsPulse heavenly rythmesPulse life itself. In her eyes love dwellsWhilst others' love proceedsSoft touched caresses and feelsThe Eden's Roses smells. Your inner child feeds, livesAs long as she lives. Socalledpoetry of Biba

I once met with my old DreamAt despair stairway.I sitted there lavishly weak;He approached me with a scorn:" Hey!Here you are as always vincible and lost,Reluctant and not dare to look up the sunWhose rays make you shade into a cave frost.Your dreams are just dreamsVapour the moment you them dream!Yet dreams are for those… Continue reading


Behind the closed doors. Dwell the naked souls. Hide from the outside world. Once the closed doors open, Not dare to show anymore. Beneath the same sky. But each one has their own roofs, doors Meticulously locked. ''No Enter Allowed''. Locked miseries, weakness, hearts' black holes. Ghostly shadows and shadowy ghosts. Welcome ladies and gentlemen.… Continue reading Unreadable