Amidst the chasm of despair Beaten by lost and non-living I bridge my way into living By weaving thread-chords of air so fancy To breath and swallow my stifling reality.



Sun of profit shines, Burns the worker's head. A man with a hat stands behind The office’s window. His big eyes on each drop of the worker' sweat. Cashes in on the drops To gain wealth. One struggles for day bread. The other for day fortune. One at the top. The other in the bottom.… Continue reading Capitalism


Her face Like December leaves, Pale, void. Tears freeze in her eyelids. She stands enclosed by The ruin - human made. Her looks have lost in depth. But it beyond her grasp. Why she can’t unwillingly smile. Why she has no mood to play With the dusty, ruined doll of hers. Why, why, why ……… Continue reading Alive


Part1: Brand new world of pseudo bridges, Fall one after the other in deep abyss. The candle of peace burns itself to the utmost. Devils of this world in angels disguise. They divide the humanity; they build unseen blocks. They stretch their Hands though the Darkness, Trying to suffocate the lambs of the world. Mortal… Continue reading Degradation


Unfathomable air on the air Hangs over all over the globe Eyes look up to the far skies Slowly but firmly dark cloud sweeps Shadows which beneath Suspicious colours chuckle on the world Its high time we were in bed… Corruption blinds our seen realities Terreste architecture ugliness once hided the sight now turns to… Continue reading Apocalypse

New comer comes But no one seems to care Neither the grey sky Nor the passers beneath this grey. Cold clings on the air Hark! The first drop of mercy on the yellow leaves Which have being burnt by the heat On the roofs, on the clumsy floor Stucks on glass windows Introduces itself to… Continue reading


E He believes For the sake of existence, he exists. Coming from nowhere To the vacuum existence, With no sense, no logic No wisdom behind; To exist…                       He develops in nothingness of existence Without meaning, no God.  Bareness of the epistemology, No metaphysics intrinsically needed. From infancy to manhood, He grows up in life.                    … Continue reading Existentialist