E He believes For the sake of existence, he exists. Coming from nowhere To the vacuum existence, With no sense, no logic No wisdom behind; To exist…                       He develops in nothingness of existence Without meaning, no God.  Bareness of the epistemology, No metaphysics intrinsically needed. From infancy to manhood, He grows up in life.                    … Continue reading Existentialist



Hearts beat, Moods frown, Time knocks… Frightens the lives out. Minds lost In the fears’ thorns, Thinking about everything The Nothing is achieved. Feelings frozen, Dead but alive; From time to time melt By the fires of nerves. Eyes, Dazzled and scared, Stare at the written papers With sudden blind sights. Hard trying To bring… Continue reading Stress


Darkness invades My heart and settles down Its out of sight Throne, and crowns Its illegitimate empire. Governs my brain, Scatters my existence Paralyzes action and reaction. moans and groans fog Smog the black box. Pain army comes Dragging cries Of my soul sights Horses of fears gallop Followed by reasonable shiver Knocking the warning… Continue reading Elegy