In a world of war and panic
Everything is dreadful and tragic
Nothing anymore logic.
All human rights suddenly vanish
As if by magic.
Our bodies grow gigantic;
Yet brain smallest
Our status pathethic.
With worry, anger, grief
We become cynic, frantic…
Illiteracy, poverty and abuse are chronic.
Poor and needy- next to nothing;
But rich in empty rhetoric
That makes us more and more fanatic.
Hinder our fall the most drastic
Dance over our dead values and basics.
Deaf, blind and platonic
Following the steps of the other-
The follow suit, the protagonist-
In the rhythm the most mesmeric.
Tend in vain to be pragmatic,
Liberalist and democratic
As usual we’ve achieved nothing.
In the midst and in the miss
We lost our identical characteristics.
Fall follows fall until full.
Fill  the void with the voidest
Covering the miseries by the luxuries.
Golden craps in suits and robes,
In top Fashion and branded clothing.
Satiate their insatiable monster
Of sadomasochism. what a shame! Look!
Suits and ropes with hearts and souls nope
Listen! Their hollows echo yells “succor”
Beyond our world of wolves hidden
Kingdom of weak satanic beings in moving.
Enjoying life joys until sottish,
Until crying blood of fears
And terrorism and terrors. Their best bet is
The worst comes to worst’ scenario.
Blacken the green with the red,
Under the guise of  a hero.
Edits our map with red pen
Makes our existence next to zero.

Copyright so called poetry of Biba 2018

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