Hearts beat,
Moods frown,
Time knocks…
Frightens the lives out.

Minds lost
In the fears’ thorns,
Thinking about everything
The Nothing is achieved.

Feelings frozen,
Dead but alive;
From time to time melt
By the fires of nerves.

Dazzled and scared,
Stare at the written papers
With sudden blind sights.

Hard trying
To bring Senses back
Drag them as though
Bringing a corpse to life!!

Ideas float
Searching for ports
To anchor, to exist
On a land of thoughts.

Pressure strained, tense,
Taking the breath away.
The first inspirational idea breaks the chains of fears,
Giving birth to wonderful thoughts.

Teacher says: ‘half an hour remains. ’
Pens in race against time.
Ideas instantaneously struggle to see life’s lights.
(In time many got depressed from the sterility of thoughts).

Tick tock tick tock.
Time is in race with the clock.
Teacher shouts: ‘Time is over.’
Race against time is usually lost.

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