Behind the closed doors.
Dwell the naked souls.
Hide from the outside world.
Once the closed doors open,
Not dare to show anymore.

Beneath the same sky.
But each one has their own roofs, doors
Meticulously locked. ”No Enter Allowed”.
Locked miseries, weakness, hearts’ black holes.
Ghostly shadows and shadowy ghosts.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to the day by day show.
Are you ready!!!
Three, two, one
Action. Go.
The main protagonist is behind his locked door.
Ready for his Daily Great Show.
Steps out the doors with sunglasses to hide
The reflective truth’s mirrors blind.
Draws a smile on his theatrical mask.
Ready for his everyday show.
The next door neighbor with sunglasses shouts:
”Good morning. How are you?”
Out of the blue his improvisation comes.
Each spot is available to put his stage and act.
‘‘Wow. Good morning. I’m very good in spring mood
My sky blue with rainbows glows
So clear no clouds
But shining sunshine shine…
Wherever I go, the echoes of my laughter sound
Happiness is my ‘friend of mine.”

But once again he steps on his door threshold.
His shadows and ghosts drag him in.
Take off his glasses, his smiling mask…
He prudently locks the door
And dissapears in the gloomy fog.

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