Life is a colour #poetry #poem #write #life #light

Life is a colour

Another night
Another fight
Of a beating quiet
Permeates the serenity of the night
Counting sheeps
Counting the clockwise
Until the dark forms unwise
Living shapes
Turn right and left no peace no rest
I promptly close my eyes
And lie there half dead…

Slowly, some acquainted light
Gently caresses my sight
I open my eyes on sight
And see the first threads of beams
Sweeping out the extremity of the dark
From my room and from the out.
I stand in front of the window
Looking out as though came from the tunnel
What I see is incredibly natural
The colours of life rewears every entity
Rainbowy, greeny and rosy…

I rush to open my window
To get embraced with the new air
To exhale yesterday’s fear
To let today colour my day with life
How good is the feel
Like how hope and love taste
I attest this miracle
Every typical day
When “life is at its best”
Gives birth to colours
When the best colour is life itself.

So-calledpoetry of Biba @2020

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