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Grow up, Child.
Time changes
Spinning Seasons, Civilizations, Greatest Men…
Hence, watch over the Good in you to resist the Change.

Grow up, Child.
Neither joy nor pain remains
Fall, hurt and cry
Then, stand, heal and smile

Grow up Child.
Over there
The grass not always greener
Nor the East and West twains shall never meet by far.

Grow up, Child.
Smile does not imply love
Always look at the back
Where hidden knives and swords are.

Grow up Child.
Neutrality and objectivity
Not ever born to die. Bear in mind:
The Background Is a Sticky Jam.

Grow up, Child.
What you see is not always true
What is true cannot always be seen
Not read only lines; also, in betweens…

Grow up, Child.
What is fake is written and spoken
To be ‘With Or Against’ is Not a ‘Norm’
Don’t be doped by fools.

Wake up, Child.
Don’t sit in front of the black box ya
And take everything at face value
The truth is behind the Curtains-
In the Kitchen
Raw deliveries serve to ya
On a golden plate. So Majestic ya
Keep on growing…
Let the fools fool
Let them set their stage
Sustain your poker face
Calm down and look
Laugh off their dope lies
And give a round of applause
At the end.
Not ever show your hidden cards
Or your full grasp.

YET, Child, keep Growing
With your Eyes wide Awaken
Knowledge that Grants Wisdom
All you need to be a Man of Act
… To React.

So-calledpoetry of Biba @2018

(my drawing)

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