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December 30, 2020

Dear Heart,

I’ve received your distress the previous nights.
I’ve constantly heard your unceased tears and cries;
I felt so bad that I chose to ignore your moan,
Had I talked to you, you would have let me groan.
I opted in letting your storm cloud pass-through-
I’ve buried myself, day-and-night, in my books.
Ah! I hark back to last year, I did your pace follow-
You’re woebegone; you made me cry you out. But I know
You still bleed, yet naive enough to learn and grow.
You always that child that refuses to grow.
Always thrives at the sight of cherries blossom out…

Sigh, how I miss our nights spent in dreamy clouds-
Counting stars and shaping them in fish and bears,
I ridiculed your sighs, I rainbow’d your miseries…
We had artlessly thought that life was no guile.
Alas!! the news of death, then, came like a storm and hit,
I wasn’t any longer able to hear your beats.
I felt cold and the void swept even your breath.
I thought you doomed… Yet watching the starry sky,
You lifted my smile even though you bore.
Lost in memories, I’m writing these words… Dear heart,
Please, don’t play on my broken chores, caus’ it hurts.
Be on my side. Be brave. Thank you a lot 💐.

Best regards❤


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